2. wynnealisonnyc said: Hi! We love your creative take on living spaces! We're two girls living in NYC blogging on fashion and lifestyle. Check us out, and if you like what you see, spread the word! XOXO, Wynne & Alison



  3. My side of the room at CWU.

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  4. Samuel Napoli New York university

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  5. studio inspo


  6. more studio inspo


  7. studio apartments are great places to draw inspiration for decorating small spaces!


  8. sup-lia said: I love this blog. I'll be moving into a dorm room soon and I just wanted to say that I went through this blog today and it gave me a heck load of good ideas. Basically, more than a few of my dream rooms have been portrayed here. I ADORE the photos, especially the ones of rooms with decorative lights in them (do they eat up too much electricity?). Gotta give you a big thumbs up for that. :)

    Thanks so much!! Comments like these make my day, I’m happy to hear I was able to provide inspiration for your room :)  

    And if you are concerned about cost of energy, try using LED christmas lights!


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  10. Kellum hall, Florida State University<3

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