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  3. studio apartments are great places to draw inspiration for decorating small spaces!


  4. sup-lia said: I love this blog. I'll be moving into a dorm room soon and I just wanted to say that I went through this blog today and it gave me a heck load of good ideas. Basically, more than a few of my dream rooms have been portrayed here. I ADORE the photos, especially the ones of rooms with decorative lights in them (do they eat up too much electricity?). Gotta give you a big thumbs up for that. :)

    Thanks so much!! Comments like these make my day, I’m happy to hear I was able to provide inspiration for your room :)  

    And if you are concerned about cost of energy, try using LED christmas lights!


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  6. Kellum hall, Florida State University<3

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  7. my dorm at University of North Florida

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  9. An old bus which has been transformed into a dorm”


  10. University of Washington, I call it the Wolf Den

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