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  5. sinsoo said: I didn't submit that dorm, but I'm like 99% positive that tapestry is from Urban Outfitters. You can order it online in a bunch of diff. colors.

    you’re right!


  6. fxck--danielle said: I saw a map of the world fabric hanging in one of these dorm pictures. It's from Emma at Bates College. Is there any way to find out where I can buy this?? I am completely in love with it and my parents said they would definitely get it for me. I am looking for stuff for my room since I am redoing it and this represents me perfectly! If you even have her tumblr so that I could message her would be great! Thanks so much!!

    I’m so sorry, the person submitted that while not logged into tumblr, so I can’t help you retrieve their contact info!  The most I can do is post this publicly in hopes that she may see this!


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  9. boho style inspo

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