1. Anonymous said: mirrors can be hung with command strips! they're very easy to use and there are ones that can hold up to 16 lbs. i use two or more for added stability.

    Thanks for the tip!!


  2. joellesoswell:

    my home is a shrine, I build it piece by piece. (little ephemera in my studio)

    not a dorm, but I found this inspiring!

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  3. Macalester College, Doty Hall 
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  4. University of Virginia 
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  5. dePaul university - munroe hall
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  6. ksiemomuyl said: Do you think I could hot glue little mirrors around my room as well? I read one of the previous posts about using hot glue for sting lights and tapestries. I wonder if hot glue would be strong enough to hold up small mirrors..

    unfortunately I think the weight of mirrors is too much for hot glue to safely support… maybe if they’re really tiny mirrors (like pocket sized) it would be okay but I’ve never tried it myself so don’t take my word for it!


  7. University of Miami :)

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  8. the-girl-with-cold-hands said: Hey! Your blog is great. I am a fresh student and this autumn I'm moving in another place, far away from home. The university scares me a bit, but I can't wait to decorate my new empty room. I still don't know what style to choose, but your blog is very inspiring. Maybe I will submit a photo in the future. You should post more!

    Thanks for the lovely message, I really appreciate it!  I know I went on hiatus for the past few months, but I’m back for the back to school season!  We’d love to see a submission from you once you move in :)


  9. Bard College

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