1. obviously not a dorm, but great DIY idea:  Bend wire into your favorite quote to pin on your wall!


  2. bedding and wall inspo


  3. My roommate and I won the University of Illinois’s dorm room contest called “FabPad” this year. Here are the pictures!

    (submitted by asianmonzter, thanks!)


  4. phoebe-bird:

    this is me in my new room

    lovely room for inspiration!


  5. DIY Cat lights!  This tutorial is originally meant for Halloween, but I feel like this would be appropriate year round :)  Substitute the paper color for whatever would suit your room!


  6. small room ideas




  9. Cleveland Institute of Art 

    (submitted by grub-milk, thanks!)


  10. dorm idea

    (Source: lights4fun.co.uk)