1. Laying body pillows on your bed length-wise can help give your bed more of a comfy couch feel! It makes for good sitting space when friends come over :)

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  3. Lesley University, Cambridge 

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  4. Husson University, Bangor, ME

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  5. University of California, Riverside - Pentland Hills

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  8. Anonymous said: Hey! I was wondering - how tacky is it to have photos of yourself on your dorm walls? There are some photos of myself that I really like, in trips and stuff, but a lot of them are selfies (I'm the one usually taking the photos), or really cool photos that my friends took... but idk, it just seems weird to have photos of me hanging around my bed? haha

    I don’t think it’s all that strange!  If the pictures make you happy when you see them then go for it!


  9. Drexel University

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