1. credit to hazeloasis.tumblr.com! Marquette University Sophomore Dorm 

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  2. Gettysburg College. My friends call it a travel-hungry hipsters paradise
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  3. n-orepinephrine said: Hey! I was wondering where is a good place to shop for tapestries besides urban outfitters :)

    scarves from goodwill are a surprisingly good alternative!


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  5. university of virginia- old dorms 
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  6. Anonymous said: mirrors can be hung with command strips! they're very easy to use and there are ones that can hold up to 16 lbs. i use two or more for added stability.

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  7. joellesoswell:

    my home is a shrine, I build it piece by piece. (little ephemera in my studio)

    not a dorm, but I found this inspiring!

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  8. Macalester College, Doty Hall 
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  9. University of Virginia 
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  10. dePaul university - munroe hall
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